The Bucket List

Welcome Next Gen!

We’re Kayla and Kat, two best friends from Australia with a sense for adventure.


This is the beginning of something new, get ready for the journey of a lifetime. Get ready to follow along as we tick off our bucket list and go on so many other adventures.

This is the bucket list.

  1. Go to Disney World
  2. Visit Orlando
  3. Go to Universal Orlando and Harry Potter World
  4. Meet Belle (we love Beauty and The Beast okay?)
  5. Eat at Be Our Guest
  6. Get Pixie Dusted at Disney
  7. Visit New York
  8. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  9. Do a fun run
  10. Visit Italy
  11. Visit Paris
  12. Visit England
  13. Visit Canada
  14. Buy a house
  15. Get married
  16. Swim with Dolphins
  17. Ride a horse
  18. Kiss in the rain
  19. Graduate from university
  20. Be a bridesmaid
  21. Tie Dye a T Shirt
  22. Attend a Music Festival
  23. Be in the studio audience at a TV show
  24. See a broadway show
  25. Go to a derby (AFL game of Eagles vs. Dockers)
  26. Become a leader
  27. Create our own cocktails
  28. Learn how to braid our own hair
  29. Book our own hotel room
  30. Go on a picnic with friends
  31. Do a tequila shot properly
  32. Go on a tourist tour of our own city
  33. Watch baseball in America
  34. Watch American Football in America
  35. Attend an AFL Grand Final
  36. Ride in a limo somewhere fancy
  37. Fly first class
  38. Go on a spontaneous Road Trip
  39. Become fitter
  40. Learn healthy recipes we actually like
  41. Attend a Zumba Class
  42. Use our youtube channel to have memories to look back on
  43. Road Trip from Sydney to Brisbane
  44. Attend Coachella
  45. Run my own business/ Be our own bosses
  46. Celebrate our birthdays in another country
  47. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge
  48. Get our own dogs
  49. Learn to say hello in 50 languages
  50. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  51. Travel to Japan
  52. See real snow
  53. Go on a wine tour
  54. Be West Coast Eagles members
  55. Visit Ibiza
  56. Help someone else cross something off their bucket list
  57. Volunteer at a Children’s hospital
  58. Go white Water Rafting
  59. Go Tubing
  60. Donate Blood
  61. Watch the sun rise
  62. Dance in the rain
  63. Ride an elephant
  64. Visit Greece
  65. Let go of a floating lantern (a la tangled)
  66. Go snorkelling at Hanauma Bay in Hawaii
  67. Do a photo Shoot
  68. See the Northern Lights
  69. Visit the White House
  70. Spend New Years Eve in Sydney
  71. Be at Magic Kingdom for the Kiss Goodnight
  72. Ride in a helicopter
  73. Go to Rottnest
  74. Complete a colouring Book
  75. Have Kids
  76. Be in a flashmob
  77. Write a letter to my older self
  78. Have a PJ Day
  79. Watch EVERY Disney Movie Ever Made
  80. Create chalk art in a car park
  81. Start and fill a memory jar
  82. Go backstage at a concert
  83. Learn to juggle
  84. Have a pamper day
  85. Fill a pad with sticky notes and stick them where people will find them
  86. Eat Smores
  87. Apply for the Disney College Program
  88. Go to Vidcon
  89. Spend the Weekend away with Friends
  90. Walk a red carpet
  91. Read 52 books in one year
  92. Solve a Rubik’s cube
  93. Work in jobs we love
  94. Sleep under the stars
  95. Cage Diving with Great White Sharks
  96. Swimming with Whale Sharks
  97. Travel the World
  98. go Skinny dipping
  99. Get a tattoo
  100. Visit the nutrient rich waters off Bremer Bay
  101. Spend New Year’s in New York
  102. Visit Singapore
  103. Visit Melbourne
  104. WA Road Trip
  105. Visit the Gold Coast together
  106. Visit LA together
  107. Visit Disneyland together
  108. Complete the Bucket list!


Kayla’s Bucket list

  1. Meet Justin Bieber
  2. Attend 20 Telethon’s (Perth kids charity event)
  3. Raise over $1000 for Telethon in one year
  4. Own all three naked palettes
  5. Learn how to put my own false eyelashes on
  6. Own tiffany jewellery
  7. Get my drivers license
  8. Work for a company I adore (won’t be listed)
  9. See Bruce Springsteen in Concert again
  10. Be able to eat gluten (fun fact: I have celiac disease)
  11. Talk in front of a crowd


Kat’s Bucket List

  1. Go Bungee Jumping
  2. Run a marathon
  3. Do a triathlon
  4. Walk the Kokoda track
  5. Climb Mt. Everest
  6. Run HBF 12km
  7. Learn Italian
  8. Learn to play Guitar

There you have it. 127 things we want to do in our time on this earth. Life is short, focus on what you love.

Until next time next Gen,

Kayla and Kat